Shahid signs new film-Paathshaala

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Shahid Kapoor has signed and has all ready begun filming for his next project, Paathshaala. Produced by his friend, choreographer and director Ahmed Khan, the film will be directed by Milind Ukey. The story for the film is like one of last year’s best films, Taare Zameen Par, but it is unique in its own way. Shahid, who plays the lead character, is a teacher of English and music who makes a difference in a group of children’s lives.

Khan says, “I’d happily admit that Paathshaala is inspired by Taare Zameen Par, except for the fact that Paathshala was conceived and written a year ago. It’s about a sensitive nurturing teacher’s interaction with a group of kids. I’ve signed some really talented kids like Swini Khare from Cheeni Kum, Ali Haji from Fanaa and Dwij Yadav from Nanhe Jaisalmer. We’re really fortunate to suddenly have so many talented kids in our cinema. So why not put them to creative use? It’s about time we addressed issues regarding children in a serious but entertaining way.”

As you can see the cast if filled with incredible child artistes and Khan added, “And on top of that, let’s not forget I was once a child actor myself. Shahid too was a child actor. So we’re all putting our minds making a film about the mind of a child and the child within man.”

The cast will also include Nana Patekar, Ayesha Takia and Suniel Shetty and will have music by Hanif, who wrote ‘Ye Dooriyan’ from Fool N Final. A full school set including class rooms, dormitories, principal’s office, staff rooms, huge corridors, a basket ball court, a garden,an assembly hall, a music room and a canteen has been built in Film City.

“For the first time in Paathshaala, I’m doing a film straight from my heart. It’s a highly emotional subject. I can confidently state that it’s the most lavish children’s film made in India,” Khan said.

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