Shahid tweets on Mausam

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Shahid Kapoor, just coming off the high of the success of Badmaash Company, is getting ready to start shooting his next film, Mausam. The film is the directorial debut of Shahid’s father and well-known actor Pankaj Kapoor and starring opposite Shahid is Sonam Kapoor. Not a lot is known about the story of the film, only that it is a love story and that Shahid plays an air force officer.

About his role in the film Shahid has said, “The script is such that as an actor, I have to dedicate all my time and presence to it. It’s more to do with the subject and the character than anything else and you’ll see it for yourself once the film releases.”

Though they are not saying much in the press, Shahid has given some insight into the pre-production and his feelings about the film in his posts on Twitter.

He tweeted, “first round of look tests underway for mausam …… papa is always right people ..lesson number 1” Adding later, “whats up all looong day lots happening on the mausam prep trying to help dad out whenever i can gotta b an actor n son both on this one trying to figure how to balance both”

The film begins shooting in Scotland in June and Shahid is very enthusiastic about the film and being directed by his father. “Will be off soon to Scotland…very excited about shooting under dad’s direction…a year of learning this will be.”

He writes he is very excited to be starting the film, “Hellooooo all wassup prepping for mausam in full swing I’m excited as hell …” But also wrote that he is nervous, “actually the day when i am not nervous befor a film will be the scariest day cause that would mean that somewhere i have become complacent.”

This tweet may or may not be about his character in the film, but since he is only working on Mausam we would say yes, “its that time which im sure most actors go through where u r struggling to find your character sometimes too many thoughts n sometimes just blank ..…”

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