Shahid’s next not Star nor Yahoo

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For a long time Ken Ghosh’s dance film with Shahid Kapoor was rumored to be called Star but then stories surfaced that in fact the name of the film would be Yahoo. Which had many a fan scratching their heads. Well, now we can report that when speaking to Subhash K Jha, the director revealed that the film as of yet has no title and he is unhappy with the stories about the supposed titles.

Ghosh said, “Because as far as I’m concerned my film is not called Yahoo. The title has registered with the public because it has been thrown at them so often. But it hasn’t been registered with us. We don’t have the title, plain and simple. Some other producer has the title Yahoo. Not that I’m really keen on calling the film Yahoo.” He has a plan to get the public involved in what the title will finally be but has not revealed yet how that will come about.

Besides the title problem, the film has actually been in something of a limbo and only recently began its shooting schedule again but this time it is full of reshoots. Why? Well, Jiah Khan has left the production and has been replaced by Genelia D’Souza. Her role will be a choreographer in the now UTV produced film. Ram Mirchandani of UTV said, “It’s Genelia’s second film with UTV, and she shares a very good rapport with the company. The script of the movie had undergone a number of changes and after it was reworked and enhanced, the actress who seemed to completely fit the newly etched role of the effervescent choreographer was in fact Genelia. The revised role is tailor-made for her. Genelia heard the script and after giving it considerable amount of thought, she made her decision and agreed to come on board. We are happy and honored to have Genelia as part of the UTV family.”

About the new schedule Ghosh said, “We are shooting 55 eight-hour shifts in 35 days including all reshoots, which is very cool.” Both Shahid and choreographer Ahmed Khan are said to be working very, very hard to get the film perfect and done in time.

COO of UTV Mirchandani added about the new jodi of Shahid and Genelia, “We are sure that Shahid and Genelia will be the next cute pair to win hearts all over.”

We will keep an eye on this story and as soon as we know the title we will let you know so watch this space for more!

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