Shahrukh Asks for More Knowledge at FICCI Frames

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The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry has a long and illustrious history dating back to their involvement in the struggle for independence. Their latest conference FICCI Frames 2010 has a strong media and entertainment focus and started with a call from Shahrukh Khan for a knowledge transfer from Hollywood to Bollywood. “I think we will have to work on screenplay, discipline and organisation and technology, these three things together (sic),” he said, “Only then actually will Hollywood offer us their full distribution platform because they will know that the film is in a format that the world understands.”

Katrina Kaif, also enjoying the opening day of the three-day conference, praised the organisers for their efforts to promote an industry that has grown by 13.4% over the last two years. “They are really trying to delve and investigate into how we can make the business of entertainment industry better, how we can advance it and make it more profitable for everyone involved,” she explained.

Rahul Bose joined a question an answer panel on the question of whether Bollywood movies could ever successfully cross over. “Indian films will never crossover as the decision was always dictated by the producer’s interests,” was Rahul‘s view – but others were less pessimistic. Franck Priot of the French film industry pointed to the success of My Name is Khan and argued on behalf of government support to the industry, as in France, to help break into the world market.

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