Shahrukh in ad for Wildlife Protection

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Many of our favorite Bollywood stars are getting involved in environmental causes, which is a great way to raise awareness. Now King Khan is getting in on the act too. SRK is doing the voice over for an ad campaign that is meant to raise awareness about the poaching crisis in India and highlights how hard and dangerous the job of the forest guard is today.

In the ad you will hear SRK say, “He is our nation’s unsung national hero-the India forest Guard. He is a real life hero because he does this to save the jungle, and the animals that live there. Day in and day out he is matching with and battling powerful enemies-wildlife poachers and timber smugglers, and he is willing to lay down his life for this.”

Aneeta (Tykee) Malhotra of Sanskara Trust and Asian Conservation Awareness Programme (ACAP), the NGO says the goal is to get people to stop purchasing wildlife products, “The general public is the consumer of those products which are manufactured from the depleting resources. There is a demand for ivory products, tiger products putting at risk many endangered species. Less of demand for such products will mean less of poaching, which would aid the forest guards.”

The plan is to get the message out to as many as possible in several different ways; the new awareness campaign will be shown on television and also on billboards in both Hindi and English. Also, the Airport Authority of India and the Ministry of Civil Aviation are helping support the cause and will show the ad at airports all over India as a way to get to tourists to take notice.

The ACAP is an organization dedicated to wildlife conservation. They have done similar campaigns with stars including Amitabh Bachchan, Naseeruddin Shah, Sachin Tendulakar, which highlighted the ivory trade and the massive problem of poaching which has devastated the tiger population.

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