Shah Rukh Khan Dances To Unveil the Mad About Dance cool Wall of Dreams App

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Shah Rukh Khan is continuing to show his mad support for the new film Mad About Dance! King Khan was at the launch of M.A.D’s new app ‘Mad Wall of Dreams’ and celebrated the app launch with some music, some dance and a lot of madness! You can check out the Mad Wall of Dreams here

At the event, the superstar talked about dancing in the movies, “I don’t know dance. Even my upcoming film (Happy New Year) is about dancing.. I find difficulty doing such (dance) films. I think dancing is about expressing freedom and love and dance the way you know.”

He added, “Tonight it is about ‘Mad’. I hope people like it and it does well.”

He also revealed his maddest dream is “to make the most beautiful film before I die, which everyone across the world should watch and be proud of.”

“Mad About Dance’ starring Saahil Prem, Amrit Maghera, in case you have not guessed is a full on dance film but features hot dance styles like Krumping, Popping n Locking, B-Boying- the 1st Indian film to have it all. Are you Mad About Dance? It is scheduled to release on August 22.

Check out these shots!

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