Shahrukh’s Credit Card Misplaced

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Three men were recently arrested for the use of Shahrukh Khan’s credit card and are being remanded in police custody until February 18th.

On February 10th, Vinay Vijay Tambe (22), James Paul Peremal (28), and Shekar Jadhav (44) picked up trousers and t-shirts worth about Rs 25,000. The trio was caught at Shoppers Stop in Nirmal Lifestyle as they handed over an ICICI credit card. The sales executive serving them was surprised to see that the transaction slip held the name Shahrukh Khan, arousing suspicion in the executives mind. With this he phoned up the ICICI bank to verify the card as well as the police.

The trio has said that they found the card lying on the floor on a road in SantaCruz.

The ICICI bank has confirmed the card belongs to Shahrukh and it seems when Shahrukh was contacted, he was surprised for he hadn’t realized the card had been misplaced.

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