Shahrukh’s Gauri makes Bollywood debut

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Om Shanti Om, as we know has an amazing song picturization that has over 30 superstars and now another exciting song has been filmed, with an appearance by Shahrukh Khan’s biwi Gauri.

Farah Khan confirmed this saying, “Yes, Gauri shot for me yesterday. It was for my traditional end-credit song where all the technicians and crew members feature.”

Along with this song the film has cameos from many of the people working on the film. “Since the film is set in early 70’s Bollywood it wasn’t difficult for me to accommodate all of them. All my assistant directors, light men and other help on the sets have parts in the film,” Farah Khan said. She also roped in lyricist Javed Akhtar and music director Vishal Dadlani for a part.

Though the first time in front of the camera, this is not the first time that Gauri has worked with SRK on his films. In the early years of his career she was the director of the wardrobe department, but then became a producer. She has produced Main Hoon Naa, Paheli and now Om Shanti Om.

Farah Khan added, “She was supposed to shoot for me for Main Hoon Na too, but last time she ditched me because she was too shy to come in front of the camera, but this time she finally agreed. She said she’s doing it only for me but I am sure her husband had something to do with it since she’s the official producer of the film.”

We will be keeping an eye out for Gauri’s appearance in the film and anxiously await Om Shanti Om.

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