Shakti Kapoor evicted after facing humiliation in Bigg Boss!

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After being humiliated by most Housemates in the last few days of his stay in the Bigg Boss House, ‘Aaoo’ man Shakti Kapoor, who had entered the House with 12 ladies amid much fanfare and widespread speculation, faced defeat this week, as he lost out in votes to lesser known names like Mahek Chahal, Pooja Bedi and Shradha Sharma.

Shakti had entered the House performing to the number ‘Bachna Ae Haseeno Lo Main Aa Gaya’, but by the time he left, he was the one who seemed to need all the ‘saving’.

While the actor was said to have entered the reality show to rectify his image spoilt by the sting operation India TV had carried on him a few years ago, he seems to have returned from Bigg Boss with his image marred further.

Some also link his eviction to his earlier spat with the show’s co-host Salman Khan, which Shakti also indirectly discussed with another contestant on the show.

The Bollywood villain was not only seen playing politics with the Housemates, but also received flack when he slapped Miss Afghanistan Vida Samadzai’s butt on the show. Vida, who had become his good friend in the initial days, deserted him as she felt he was indulging in bitching and back-biting.

Shakti’s many other ways with the ladies on the show were abhorred, and now the actor is left with a more tarnished image than ever before.

When we asked celebrity publicist and Bigg Boss specialist Dale Bhagwagar about the extent of damage Brand Shakti Kapoor has undergone, he remarked, “The situation is not so bleak and can still be controlled. Shaktiji may have been unable to prop up his image with the show, but he has surely benefited in terms of immense visibility. If he manages his PR well on his return to the outside world, he could still stand to be a winner.”

“What hit Shaktiji worst on the show was his long-time friend Pooja Bedi, repeatedly pointing out that he was not behaving like a gentleman, a good father, husband and family man. I guess, that negative branding hurt him the most,” adds Dale, sympathizing with the actor.

He analyses, “This situation was accelerated by the fact that while Shaktiji was being alienated by many Housemates and battled the onslaughts alone, he had absolutely no back-up support in terms of a PR machinery or management team outside the House, which could have done much to either justify his actions with his image, or at least dilute the negative impact, by portraying his actions in lighter vein. This was a big factor that went against him for garnering votes,” rues the PR expert.

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