Shamita Shetty’s Room Attacked by Baboons

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Shamita Shetty, currently in South Africa with her sister Shilpa for the IPL cricket tournament, has had her hotel room ransacked by a troop of baboons. “It’s been a great weekend,”said Shilpa, “Shamita loved every bit of it until she went to her room and discovered her room had been ransacked by the Baboons… apparently they knew where the mini bar was and we were warned when we checked in to keep all doors locked when we leave the room.”

Shamita is looking forward to the release of her next film, the ghostly Kollywood thriller Naan Aval Adhu, which will star R Madhavan, fresh from his success in 13b and also Sada. Originally a remake of the Hindi movie Darling, the script has migrated away from its original premise.

It’s been a long time since we saw Shamita in a decent Bollywood movie – when can we expect to see her again? “I wish I could sit here and predict my future and tell you when I am coming and in which film but frankly speaking I don’t have anything right now in my hands – but I am waiting for a nice and exciting script!”

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