Shanghai Set to Thrill The Audiences!

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Shanghai, the upcoming film from director Dibarkar Banerjee is getting ready to thrill audiences. Starring Abhay Deol, Emraan Hashmi, Kalki Koechlin and Bengal’s superstar Prosenjit, the political drama is set to release on June 8th. About this fabulous and yet eclectic cast the directed recently said, “Frankly I have been stunned by the performances from our stars and our character artistes. I can safely say that all preconceived notions that people have about both Abhay and Emraan are going to be shattered by this movie.”

Based on the movie ‘Z’ directed by Costa Gavras, which was released in 1969, Shanghai, is a thriller set against the backdrop of politics and survival. It is a story on the corruption level which persists in the Indian Political system. Though on politics and corruption, the film is not based on any certain situation. Dibarkar said in an interview, “See, you make a film with responsibility to talk about a general situation. When we are talking about politics, corruption, money and the common man, we are not looking at any specific situation in a country. We have to make a film without being biased. No one would be taking any digs at individual people or situations. We should not try and portray a film as an answer of all the problems in our country. The intent is to make the most honest film that we can and market it the way it is most fitting. That’s about it.”

PVR Pictures Abhay Bijli said, “Shanghai is an extraordinary story made even more powerful by Dibarkar’s unmatched artistry. Casting Emraan and Abhay in lead roles was a masterstroke. We will deliver and entertaining and inspiring film to the audience!”

Shanghai has managed to create a lot of hype in the industry already. Stay tuned because we will be bringing you more about this exciting film!

Check out this first look at Emraan and Abhay!

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