Sharman and Jaaved greeted with War Chhod Na Yaar dialogues

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13oct_Sharman-Soha-WCNYWar Chhod Na Yaar trailers with witty lines has been receiving a great response. Specially the actors are often greeted with lines from the films by the fans. Sharman recently went for a dinner with friends where he was greeted by fans who quoted lines from the trailer – ‘sania ki baarat hai kya’.

Sharman Joshi who plays an Indian Army Officer in the film says, “We’ve been touring across cities promoting the film and everyone seems to remember the dialogues. Frankly, none of the trailers of my previous films have evoked such a response.”

While Jaaved meets people they ask him about the water in desert. He says, “For any film, the trailer is like an acid test and the first impression either makes or breaks it. The audience seems to like the black humour in this film – which is actually set in a serious situation – because it is novel.”

War Chhod Na Yaar, produced by AOPL Entertainment Pvt Ltd., releases October 11.

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