Shazahn Padamsee debuts in Rocket Singh – Salesman of the Year

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Shazahn Padamsee will be rocketing to success opposite Ranbir Kapoor in Rocket Singh — Salesman of the Year, brought to you by the team behind Chak De India. Shazahn is making her debut in the film, playing Ranbir’s love interest, and is the daughter of theatre impresario Alyque Padamsee and singer Sharon Prabhakar.

It’s not been as easy as some people might think, however, as competition for places in the industry is overwhelming. “I have met people who think that I have had it easy,” she says, “It frustrates me when people think like that because frankly I have worked my way to reach where I am. I have gone through my share of struggle. I have gone for a lot of auditions and have just been treated like everybody else. I got rejected a lot of times and at times, things didn’t work out for whatever reasons.”

Shazahn has been busy learning Hindi and honing her skills for her debut in the movie. “I have two teachers each for my Hindi classes and my dance classes,” she explains, “I have acted and produced in a play, Unspoken Dialogues. I have also done a couple of commercials, the latest one being a jewellery brand.”

Shazahn loves children and likes to spend time with them at the exclusive Breach Candy Club. “They put a permanent smile on her face,” says a friend, “Shazahn feels that little children are the most honest and innocent. One day, one of the kids even recognized Shazahn saying that he had seen her in Ponds and 7 up ads. Shazahn just brushed off his praises. The kid then challenged her to a race in swimming which she had to let him win.”

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