Sheena Shahabadi – Teenage Pregnancy

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Sheena Shahabadi has been turning a few heads with her performance in Tere Sang, a film about teenage pregnancy, due for release as soon as the multiplex dispute is settled. The film is directed by Satish Kaushik, best remembered as Calendar in Mr. India and the movie also stars Ruslaan Mumtaz. Satish says of his new young star, “She is a very good actress. Her funda in life is – I want to become an actress and I will become one. That’s the thing I liked about her. She has a lot of attitude and aggression and yet looks innocent and cute. She is going to carry the film all the way on her shoulders.”

Sheena takes her role in the film very seriously and hopes that it conveys the right message. “I want the audience to learn something from my film rather than just go watch it and get back to their lives,” she says, “I hope it makes parents and youngsters realise that they ought to be careful.”

Sheena’s co-star Ruslaan says Sheena was very embarrassed about the love-making scene in the film. “Yes, she did have problems with the love scene. And she refused to do the kiss,” he confirms, “I don’t blame her. I was very embarrassed as well to do the scene with her. But as actors, we both had to be thoroughly professional.”

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