Shekhar Kapur hints about daughter Kaveri’s meaningful role in Masoom: The Next Generation

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Renowned filmmaker Shekhar Kapur has recently ignited speculation with a thought-provoking note on his social media, particularly dedicated to his daughter, Kaveri.

In this intriguing post, Kapur questions generational perceptions about life, fate and fatherhood. In words full of memories and emotion, Shekhar Kapur is full of praise for his daughter.

Sparking speculation, the director also writes about a special script for his next film and hints about a role for Kaveri. He shares, “And now as I sit and write ‘Masoom – the next generation’ .. I struggle with her role .. her part .. how do I create something deep enough for her as an actor .. so she doesn’t say to me.. ‘Daddy! That’s just so silly.”

Kaveri’s insightful perspective, expressed in Kapur’s post, resonates, “‘Why does your generation believe we don’t have the emotional and intellectual depth that you have? We’re much wiser than you were at our age.’ I can believe that…”

The enigmatic note leaves fans anticipating the unveiling of the intricate narrative in ‘Masoom – The Next Generation.’ As Shekhar Kapur navigates the challenge of crafting a meaningful role for his daughter, the anticipation for this sequel only intensifies.

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