ShemarooMe Box Office invades the Indian OTT space, set for digital release of a flurry of new films starting with My Client’s Wife

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Theaters may be shut down but for audiences, there is no dearth of entertainment currently. To make the film watching experience richer and truly entertaining, Hiren Gada led Shemraoo Entertainment has now gone ahead and extended its aggressive plans for OTT medium. As a big step in this direction, it has enhanced digital platform ShemraooMe by launching ShemarooMe’s Box Office.

The unique feature about this newest offering is the TVOD (Transactional video on demand) model where a consumer would have an option to pay for one movie at a time. This means that even though ShemraooMe has a wide library out there to be explored by the movie loving audiences, there is always a choice of starting with one movie at a time. What makes it further enticing is the whole ‘ticket’ approach being resumed where a film lover can book through ShemarooMe as well as

No wonder, for quite a few filmmakers, this is one opportunity to bring their offerings fast and quick on a platform which is known not just for its extensive existing library but is also more than welcoming for newer unreleased content. Especially in the current times when even the biggest of filmmakers are wondering about the fate of their films once (and if) theaters open in quick time, ShemarooMe Box Office has indeed emerged as a boon for the makers of mid and controlled budgeted films that need all the right attention, showcasing and eventual visibility.

The platform’s very first release is ‘My Client’s Wife’, the critically acclaimed crime thriller, which features Sharib Hashmi, Anjali Patil and Abhimanyu Singh in pivotal roles. The trailer of the film is striking indeed and those in the know-how claim that as the first movie arriving on this model, it would pave the way for not just many more library additions in ShemarooMe but also act as a trailblazer for other similar platforms that could choose to adapt this innovative approach.

Says Hiren Gada, CEO, Shemaroo Entertainment, “During these trying times when moviegoers are missing watching new releases in theatres, we are glad that we can bring home some great releases. With ShemarooMe Box Office, we are creating a model for the film industry and audiences. Our association with BookMyShow will further redefine the consumer movie-going experience and bridge the gap for cinemagoers across India.”

This pretty much comes from the experience, considering the fact that Shemraoo clearly has the richest video library currently when it comes to Indian films, and as a result there is a lot to offer to the audience in months and years to come. Those who are well versed with the legacy of Shemaroo are well aware of how the premium entertainment company was pretty much running a monopoly in the video cassette business back in the 80s and the 90s, and ever since then it has continued its innovation, with the latest generation catching its titles online.

Now that the OTT medium is heating up in a big way and a consumer having a lot to pick and choose from, ShemarooMe’s Box Office is already running toe to toe with other experienced peers and contemporaries, hence ensuring that at the end of the day it’s the audience which is the ultimate winner.

Meanwhile, Gada is confident that the OTT as well as theatrical experience will continue to run in parallel.

“We are absolutely confident that when cinemas are able to reopen safely, the public will once again respond to the unsurpassable big-screen experience,” he says, “Meanwhile our platform will be bridging the gap by entertaining audiences, thereby living by the traits of Shemaroo being the platform for movie lovers at all times.”

While My Client’s Wife is kick-starting the initiative, there are many more movies in the offering, namely multiple award winning drama ‘Scotland’, followed by Sharman Joshi starrer ‘Graham Staines, Ek Ankahi Sachhai: The Least of These’, and ‘The Hidden Strike, an edge of the seat action packed entertainer.

Well, can’t wait as even though this may just be a start with four films, a lot more is definitely on the anvil! In an industry where there is no dearth of content and most of the times it is about getting the right platform for showcasing, digital release for number of upcoming films is in the immediate plan of action for ShemarooMe Box Office.

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