Sherlyn Chopra – Back in Bollywood

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Is there anyone more ‘in your face’ than Rakhi Sawant? Well yes, there is. It’s fusion queen, the outrageous Sherlyn Chopra with some of the world’s sexiest music videos, fashion shoots and performance attitudes. After appearing in such movies as Dosti:Friends Forever, Raqeeb and the very entertaining Red Swastik, she went away for a bit to pursue her music career – but she will be back in Anurag Singh’s latest – the one with Rani Mukherjee dressed as a boy – sounds like it’s going to be a fun movie.

Sherlyn is now more confident of her position in the profession after a couple of false starts: “I did try the traditional way and try and get into movies,” she explains, “But I was ambitious and hence made a few mistakes that in hindsight could have been avoided. I did a film that I realize did no good for my career. Hence now I’m more careful and choosy about what assignments I take up.”

Does she have any particular roles in mind now that she is concentrating once again on the movies? “I don’t have any hang ups about the roles I play even if it means wearing bikinis as I know I can carry it off tastefully. I wanted to be an actress first and foremost and that is my ultimate goal,” she says.

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