Sherlyn Chopra Protecting Her Future

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Sherlyn Chopra, who has recently been working with Shahid Kapur and Rani Mukherjee in Hadippa, has turned down the opportunity to star in a condom commercial. “It wasn’t about nudity,” she explains, “I liked the concept and I liked the pay cheque too…but I’m now trying to enter the big league and am cautious of every decision I take.”

The ‘Outrageous’ Sherlyn will now be taking a short holiday in Hyderabad “to check all her implants are in place,” as she puts it – before deciding on her next career move. The Bikini Babe was recently quizzed about why she enjoys being photographed in the classic two-piece swimwear. “I feel at peace and at ease in the bikini,” she says, “This is the best attire for women to put on. I feel like a superwoman in this and don’t find anything wrong in it at all.”

What is Sherlyn’s greatest desire? “I want to be a superwoman and want to show exactly what I can do,” she confides, “It’s the same with all the other Bollywood actresses really. They have double standards. They are also dying to be in a bikini for more publicity but they just pretend to have an image of a ‘clean’ actress. I am not like that [because] I am daring and I want people to know what I am.”

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