Shilpa can’t see Jade

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Shilpa Shetty rushed out of Mumbai over the weekend to London so she could visit foe turned friend Jade Goody. For all those who need a reminder, Jade Goody was diagnosed with cervical cancer while she was at the Bigg Boss house last year in India. The doctors had informed her that she had little time to live and since then she has been making elaborate preparations for her children and her funeral.

Shetty, who attempted to visit Goody, was told that only her husband and mother would be allowed to be by her side as she counts her final minutes. “When I left for London on Sunday, I thought I’d be able to meet her but her condition has deteriorated further. She’s heavily drugged and hardly awake,” Shilpa told a news reporter.

Jade Goody made her way to fame as a participant in the 3rd edition of Big Brother U.K., followed by Celebrity Big Brother where she came to loggerheads with Shilpa Shetty causing waves all over the world. Since then, the duo have made up and Goody came to India as a fellow housemate with the Indian installment of the hit reality show.

Goody will leave behind her two sons and husband Jack Tweed.

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