Shilpa Files Case Against Former Manager

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Jasveer ‘Jazz’ Barton, the former manager of actress Shilpa Shetty, has been making false claims about her role as manager and has been trying to get money from Shilpa.

Barton has been wrongly representing herself as Shilpa’s agent, making commitments and even finalizing deals for the actress. Barton has also been requesting a cut of Shilpa’s earnings, going so far as to send legal notices to her. So, Shilpa has had to file a case and an injunction against her in civil court.

According to Shilpa’s spokesperson Dale Bhagwagar, Barton was making ludicrous demands especially since there was no contract between Barton and Shilpa anymore. “By going to court, Shilpa was just protecting herself from Jazz’s illegal claims. Due to incorrect media reports, business queries were being misdirected at Jazz, but when we learnt that Jazz had begun signing financial deals and making commitments on Shilpa’s behalf, it had to be announced and clarified that she was not the official agent,” said Bhagwagar.

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