Shilpa Shetty Dating Raj Kundra

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If rumours are to be believed Shilpa Shetty is currently in a relationship with Raj Kundra. Raj is a businessman in Britain and is responsible for the launch of Shilpa’s perfume S2 as well as her new Yoga DVD.

Six months ago when word of their relationship became known both Shilpa and Raj clearly denied it and claimed to be “just friends.” Shilpa was also falsely accused by Raj’s previous wife Kavita of being the reason of their divorce however Shilpa’s publicist Dale claims that Shilpa only got to know Raj four months after the separation; post Celebrity Big Brother.

Could this relationship mean wedding bells?

“It’s too early to speculate marriage. All I can say is that Shilpa is dating Raj. She’s just started to know him better. So let’s give her some time and not jump to conclusions. But their affair could just turn out to be the biggest love story of 2008” says Dale.

Watch this space for more Shilpa-Raj updates.

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