Shilpa Shetty is busy, busy, busy!

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In a double whammy for Shilpa Shetty‘s first movie under her own production banner, Shilpa Shetty Global Productions, she has signed up herself and Bipasha Basu as the main stars. The movie, VIP, will be an action flick – a genre that Shilpa has successfully visited in the past.

Shilpa, one of the most popular celebrities in the UK, recently met UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown when she was awarded the UK Cultural Diversity Award. This was a good PR move by the PM whose career is in deep trouble at the moment. For Shilpa, it must have been an exhausting experience. Filming in Goa for The Man, she was given a day off to fly to London to collect the award and then fly straight back to Goa – all in just 28 hours. “It felt…disorienting,” she says, “Because I barely touched down in London and couldn’t even gather my breath. I didn’t even get the chance to catch any sleep. I came straight back to shoot The Man.”

Kashmira Shah plays the role of Shilpa’s secretary in the movie and the two seem to have hit it off well together. “It is the first time I have worked with Shilpa but it doesn’t feel like that all,” she explains, “We get along pretty well and the one reason that we connect so well is because of our common Big Brother/Big Boss experience. In fact, when we are not shooting, we indulge in a lot of reality show talk. It’s almost like re-living the entire experience.”

Shilpa will also be appearing in the Bachchan’s ‘Unforgettable’ line-up which hits the O2 Arena in London on August 24th. Was it a last minute decision to join the tour? “I had been in negotiation to join the tour for a while. It finally worked out. Now I’m looking forward to going on stage with the Bachchans,” she said.

As if all this wasn’t enough, Shilpa is also producing Yoga workout videos, raising money for charity (

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