Shilpa Shetty making Miss Bollywood debut

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September 29th marked the debut of Shilpa Shetty in her new musical Miss Bollywood. The world premiere happened in Germany and then later the play will go on tour. Many musicals go on the road first as sort of a try-out to make sure everything is perfect before they do the main run on Broadway or in this case the West End. Gets out all the technical kinks, allows changes in the script, as well as getting choreography straightened out and makes sure the show is top-notch!

About Miss Bollywood Shilpa’s manger Dale Bhagwagar says, “Shilpa is hoping Miss Bollywood would bring the European audience closer to the grandeur, opulence and true essence of the world’s largest film industry.”

Adding, “The musical is a concoction of riveting dance sequences, showcasing a combination of diverse dance forms taken from the east and west of India, absorbed and transformed into the phenomenon known as ‘Bollywood’ dance.”

In the musical extravaganza Shilpa plays the character of Maya who comes to England and dreams of setting up a dance school to teach the beautiful dance styles seen in Bollywood movies.

Shilpa certainly has all ready entranced the German press. In a full page article about the actress the reporter, Von Wolfgang Koydl, writes, “Not only is she beautiful and ravishing, she is also very intelligent. She speaks nine languages and is familiar with Shakespeare literature. Although Shilpa may not be the biggest Bollywood star, she definitely is one of the most popular ones.” He then goes on to give a bio of the actress. Closing with, “Shilpa is the face of new India, different than the one symbolised by Mother Teresa and Indira Gandhi.”

We hope that the opening night of Miss Bollywood went amazingly well and wish Shilpa “Break A Leg” (in case you didn’t know that is a wish for good luck in the theatre!) for the rest of the shows run!

Miss Bollywood finishes the tour at the Opera House in Manchester, UK on November 3rd.

Watch this space for more news and a report of how well the musical was received!

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