Shilpa Shetty to Brighten up House of Commons

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Shilpa Shetty will be bringing her personal touch of Bollywood glamour to a House of Commons reception today hosted by Labour MP Keith Vaz. “The House of Commons reception is being thrown for Raj and me by British MP Keith Vaz who’s a dear friend of ours,” she confirmed. Equality Minister Harriet Harman is expected to attend and a number of other Mps will be amongst the 150 guests. House of Commons chefs have prepared a special dessert for the meal called Shilpa’s Delight. Shilpa is a patron of Keith’s diabetes charity Silver Star.

Meanwhile, Shilpa’s science has been criticised, amongst many other celebrities, by the NGO Sense About Science. Shilpa recently stated that she didn’t drink carbonated drinks because it made your skin all wrinkly and dehydrated. Loughborough University physiologist Ron Maughanof says this is nonsense. “Carbonated drinks have no effect on oxygen levels in the body leading to dehydration or wrinkling of the skin,” he confirmed.

Shilpa has been priased recently for her business acumen. Her ventures include ownership of the Rajasthan Royals, a growing spa chain, a top-selling instructional yoga video, a top 10 UK fragrance – and soon a new range of supermarket spices and ready meals, gaining her the title of the Mistress of Spices. “In all of my ventures,” she says, “I don’t see it as business. It’s just stuff that I’m really passionate about.”

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