Shilpa Slaps but Reluctantly

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Shilpa Shetty is currently shooting for her new film The Man, directed by Sunny Deol. In a scene with co-star Sudhanshu Pandey, the script required Shilpa to slap Sudhanshu’s character. When she heard what she was going to have to do, Shilpa was very reluctant to do it and had to be convinced by Deol to take the shot.

According to Pandey, “It was an emotional scene where I was supposed to console her and she was required to slap me in a fit of rage. But Shilpa was so reluctant and scared. She had to be literally convinced to slap me to get the shot right.”

Shilpa just was not able to do it, so Pandey had to take her hand and make her slap him. “It was funny as she still couldn’t do it. But since she had no option, she did it very lightly.”

According to one report after the scene was canned Shilpa felt very guilty and had to make sure her co-star was OK!

The Man is being co-directed by Neeraj Pathak and produced by the Vijeyta Films banner.

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