Shiney Ahuja now accused of sexual harassment

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After you read this title, what was the first thing that came to mind? Oh no, not again! Exactly, here we go again or better yet: here goes Shiney Ahuja again. One is left to wonder: Did Shiney learn absolutely nothing from his past experiences?

Shiney has once again been accused of a crime. This time it’s not rape, but sexual harassment. And this accusation comes from none other than his co-star, Sayali Bhagat, of his upcoming film Ghost. The actress revealed in a magazine that the actor misbehaved with her a number of times during the shoot of the film. “My life has been a living hell ever since a leading film magazine (Stardust) came out with the story that Shiney misbehaved with me on the sets of our upcoming film Ghost. I was under tremendous pressure to deny all the claims and allegations I made in my interview, so I gave into the pressure.”

There are several reports doing the rounds and as always media is taking it a bit too far. The actress denies these false reports, but adds that the actor did make passes at her during the shooting of Ghost. “Shiney did not pinch my butt, but he did make plenty of passes at me. It all began by him throwing subtle hints that he was not getting “warm vibes” from me on the sets, and that in order for the chemistry to show on screen, it was imperative that he and I warmed up to each other. During an intimate scene, he took me to the makeup room and made me hold his hands and look into his eyes and feel the “warmth”. I chose to ignore,” she says.

According to the actress, the crew of the film also noticed Ahuja’s behaviour towards her. “During a scene wherein I teach him how to chop vegetables, he asked me to feel up his arms at least ten times, so much so that even the light-man threw the lights and left the sets out of disgust. Then while our shots were getting ready, Shiney would often whisper into my ears that he can’t resist me, suggesting that we should hook up.”

It didn’t stop there. Even after the shooting was over and done with, Sayali received text messages and calls from Shiney at odd hours.

After the story appeared in the magazine, Sayali claims she received several messages from Shiney’s wife that she shouldn’t have said such defamatory things about her husband. “I am the last person to speak out strongly against anyone, but I am at the end of my tether. I will not take this kind of harassment lying down and I want Shiney and Anupam to leave me alone,” Sayali states loud and clear.

The actress has decided to go to the police and lodge an official complaint against Shiney Ahuja and his wife Anupam.

So after the rape case, it will be off to court for a sexual harassment case.

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