Shraddha Das in Lahore

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Arya-2 star Shraddha Das, being tipped for the very top, is set to impress with her first nationwide debut in a film about a Pakistan-India kick boxing match – Lahore. The film has already won awards at the Houston International Film Festival and is being described by some as the most authentic sports movie ever. “I count myself among the fortunate that my film has been so well received at the festivals abroad,” the director comments, “Not only the critics, but the masses too took to it in a big way.”

If that’s not enough for any aspiring actress, Shraddha is also starring in the remake of the classic romance Maro Charitra, also starring Varun Sandesh and Anitha. The original movie of course starred Kamal Hassan and Sarika. “We remade the film by making necessary changes to suit the present generation audiences and we are sure that our film would also give a nice feel to the audiences,” says the producer.

Both movies are expected to release over the next month, making this a spring to remember for the Mumbai based actress, who recently took time out to celebrate Holi. “New people, new friendships and new thoughts are some of the new colours that I have added to my life,” she says of the event, “There’s a lot of new colour in my life now as I celebrate the festival with my family and friends.”

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