Shreya Ghosal on her career and being called “The Next Lata Mangeshkar”

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Bollywood icon, Shreya Ghoshal, has spoken exclusively to BBC Asian Network’s Haroon Rashid about what it’s like to be touted as the next Lata Mangeshkar, bridging the gap for the next generation, and finding her place in the industry.

Speaking on how she feels about being called “the next Lata”, Ghoshal says, “I refuse to process it”. Adding, “It just goes in one ear and out the other.”

“I’m sure there’s a generation that’s not heard Lata Ji and I am probably trying to bridge that gap for them to access her. That’s why I keep singing her songs and talking about her, because we need to celebrate greats.”

Ghoshal recently performed two packed out shows in London and Manchester for the UK leg of her world “All Hearts Tour”, where she has paid tribute to legendary artists to ensure the next generation doesn’t forget the roots of Asian Music.

She says, “Asian music is different. Our subcontinent has a very old history of music, from classical, to folk, to our film music and it’s distinctly different with ragas and nuances. This is the legacy which makes this subcontinent feel so proud of their heritage.”

In her first Bollywood soundtrack, Ghoshal sang playback vocals for Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s character Paro in Devdas. Reflecting back on that time, she reveals, “Those days I was so nervous, I came from a small town, all I knew was to keep my eyes down and just sing. I never thought it would catapult me to the mainstream where I am today.”

Looking back on her 22 years in the music industry, she says she’s now ‘finally living in the moment.’ Adding, “Up until a couple years ago I was still trying to find my foothold in the industry and the kind of music I want to do.”

Ghoshal says, “Now I’m just trying to find my place in the industry, and not just the Indian industry, but around the world”.

Watch the full interview on BBC Asian Network’s Youtube channel or listen back to the Beyond Bollywood show on BBC Sounds.

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