Shyam Benegal is back next Friday!

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The acclaimed and award winning Shyam Benegal’s next venture into the comedy arena is all set to hit screens worldwide next Friday. Shreyas Talpade and Amrita Rao starrer Welcome To Sajjanpur promises to be one hell of an experience as the cinematic genius once again explores this genre after a very long break.

Speaking to Reuters Indian, Mr. Benegal said,
“Comedy is not the easiest genre to direct. You must be able to evoke laughter, whether it’s rapturous or gentle laughter, at almost every turn without it seeming contrived.” It may interest viewers to know that Shyam Benegal is returning to directing a comedy after nearly two decades.

Welcome to Sajjanpur is all set to hit cinemas worldwide on the 19th of September! Stay tuned to Bollyspice for the review of this very anticipated release.

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