Sibling Sensations for Wills

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Day 2 of the Wills Lifestyle Fashion Show brought siblings together in Sanjana Jon’s show based on family loyalty. Salman and Sohail Khan and Riya and Raima Sen were amongst other groups of siblings – as well as Sushmita Sen – showing support for the troubled designer whose brother, fellow designer Anand Jon, was recently sentenced to 59 years in prison for molesting young models.

The show itself was very disappointing, although Salman himself proved popular, attracting a standing ovation on the ramp, wearing a plain black shirt and a wide belt, and provoking a near-riot in the post-show conference which had to be abandoned when it started getting out of hand. “I wish he’d remove his shirt,” said one of his fans.

“Of course I am missing my brother, but I’m happy that I’ve got so many brothers now,” a tearful Sanjana Jon remarked, referring to the loyalty shown to her by her Bollywood friends and others.

Although it didn’t contain any Bollywood glamour, Rina Dhaka’s show was far more interesting showing many elegant, tasteful and eye-catching designs. “We use a lot of indigenous techniques such as tea staining to give a vintage look to the cording and then modern elements to provide a contemporary fashion look. The palette is pretty basic: ivory, black and brown.”

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