Siddharth and Soha for Onir’s Next

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Maker of My Brother Nikhil, Onir Nair, is said to be finalising the cast for his upcoming project, which is going to be an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Nair is quite keen on casting Boman Irani and Shabana Azmi however as whom to cast for the other leads, he’s not as sure. The director had considered and approached Hrithik Roshan but word around town is that, that didn’t work out. Now the director is contemplating casting South Superstar and recent Bollywood debutant, Siddharth. And what’s even more interesting is that Onir is considering casting Soha Ali Khan also in the project. For those who entered the scene late, the rumour of something brewing between Siddh and Soha are endless, regardless of the fact there is no confirmation yet!

When asked to comment on his casting decisions Onir preferred to stay silent claiming that it was too early to discuss it. In that case, only time will tell if this is yet again another rumour accompanying the Siddh-Soha scene or does it have some truth in it.

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