Siddharth Breaks His Silence

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If there ever was an award for torturing fans (in a good way) then Siddharth would definitely be on the list of winners. The actor came, saw and conquered and whilst doing so won millions of hearts with his highly critically acclaimed performance in ’06 blockbuster Rang De Basanti (for all those who do not recognise him, Siddharth played the character of Karan/Bhagat Singh). However after the hype of RDB died, fans were almost too eager to see what this brilliant newcomer would do next. However for 2 years there was no confirmation. Sure rumours of Dilli 6 and an alleged relationship with Soha Ali Khan kept Siddh in the news however what fans really wanted to know was, when they’d see him back on screen. Well BS is happy to report that the wait is over. Yes you read right. In an recent interview to acclaimed journalist Subhash K Jha, Siddharth spoke of his upcoming project, life in Mumbai and much more.

The interview began with the obvious question of why Siddharth had taken so long to sign a movie. However the question was long answered in interviews Siddharth gave just after the release of RDB. The actor says that immediately after RDB he had announced that he would only do another Hindi movie if it had the same amount of high quality content that RDB had. This was in order to not disappoint his fans and critics who after RDB expected nothing less of brilliant and outstanding cinema from the newcomer. The actor waited for a project that excited him as much as RDB did. Chandan Arora’s Striker is exactly that he says.

Siddharth has acquired the reputation of a “choosy actor” in both South industry and Hindi. Mr Jha asks if this is in order to remain cautious. The actor replies that this is not a common question he’s faced with. However the reason for all the “pickiness” is because in the future he’d like to reflect on his career and proudly see that the cause for selecting each movie is sheer hunger for excellence and conviction. The actor proudly boasts that his six year body of work is something he’s quite proud of and intends to maintain that. However, the actor does reassure his fans that he’s here to stay even if he appears on the big screen after large intervals.

The most anticipated answer of the interview was that being the choosy actor that he is what was the special touch in the script of Striker that has him excited and made him choose this as his second Hindi release. Siddharth answers that he’s been on a search for a director whose vision excited him and will excite the audiences too. The actor has a strong feeling that Striker has the potential of being an important movie in the history of Indian cinema. Chandan Arora’s integrity impressed Siddh very much and he’s looking forward to complementing such a compelling script with his performance.

News has spread that Siddh’s character in Striker is a carom player. Mr Jha then raises the question of if the actor thinks that non-fictional characters should be replicated or played according to the vision of the makers. The actor says that the less people have observed these characters over time the more liberties the maker can take in depicting them. However a fine line lies between a challenge and convenient task, because it may be convenient to create the facts however it may be challenging to create them.

Being so choosy may come with a risk of being underexposed. Mr Jha questions if this has ever been an issue for Siddharth. Siddharth replies that any exposure is exposure and thus there remains no question of being less or more exposed. The actor is quite comfortable with the exposure he’s receiving and is rather grateful for it. Compared to being an actor with no work, he finds him self in a great position.

Fans from Hindi cinema know all about his career in Bollywood. However what about his South career? Has that been going as smoothly? Siddharth proudly boasts of the critical and mass acceptance he has received in Telugu cinema. He’s especially proud of his achievements in Telugu cinema because it’s considered to be a very hostile industry to outside male stars such as Siddh (for those who didn’t know, Siddharth’s debut was not a Telugu but a Tamil movie). He also takes the opportunity to express how grateful he is to have fans who’ve never made him feel like an outsider. The actor expresses that his career in Telugu cinema gives him great joy as he’s been involved in all aspects of cinema in his movies from crew selection to writing.

Now that we are sure of his next release Mr Jha enquired if there were anymore releases in the horizons. The actor replies that he’ll commence another project when he is 100% sure this project will not let down the faith that his fans have in him. He’s quite content with the two choices he’s made in Hindi cinema so far after RDB. Which were Vishal Bhardwaj’s Blood Brother for Aids Jaago and now Chandan Arora’s Striker. When questioned on what got him excited and made him choose Vishal’s movies, the actor replied saying that it was the opportunity to work with an acclaimed maker such as Vishal and Oscar winning cinematographer Guillermo Navarro.

The concluding question of the interview was Siddharth’s feelings on work in two cinemas and if this created and complications in his living and traveling arrangements. Siddharth replied in true “Siddharth style” by saying that his home is where his work is, be it Mumbai or Hyderabad. He’s quite happy to announce that for the past 4 years he’s been living out of a suitcase and doesn’t see a problem with it. The actor pledges no emotional attachments to a city however when he’s taking a break from work he’ll be found taking shelter at his parents’. Something he doesn’t see changing anytime soon.

So there you go Siddh fans. Words from the actor himself. Treat them like gold for only he knows when we might hear more. Till then keep your ears and eyes on alert for news on his next project, Chandan Arora’s Striker!

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