Siddharth finally signs a movie!

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Fans can rejoice at last! For months of no-word on the RDB hottie, finally fans and admirers are able to hear something of the star.
Siddharth being a well established star in the South was well recognised for his fantastic work in 06’s blockbuster Rang De Basanti and post the movie was overwhelmed with many more Hindi offers however the versatile and intelligent actor waited till the right challenge came his way. Fortunately for him director Chandan Arora’s (maker of Main Madhuri Dixit Bana Chahati Hoon) third film came his way.
Most exciting news that encircles this project is the role Siddh is playing. Siddh will be playing a carom coach. After SRK’s coaching portrayal in Chak De India this trend has now been followed by Siddh.
Journalists have been trying to track down Siddharth, who has been missing from the news since his Telugu release Aata, finally know the reason for his disappearance. The actor was busy practising, training and perfecting his carom game for the rule.
Director Chandan Arora said to Mid-Day, “Siddharth has become an expert in carom. By the time we hit floors in December, he will be able to beat anyone in the game. He has meant Surya Kant many times,” confirms Arora.

Siddhartha has firmly turned down many offers that many actors wouldn’t dream of turning down such as Rakesh Mehra’s Dilli 6 and David Dhawan’s Hook Ya Crook by UTV films.
The movie is titled “Striker” and the film’s protagonist is based on real life player Surya Kant from the slums of Malavani. Siddharth who is originally based in the south has been spending a lot of time in Malavani getting a feel for the place to enable him to shape in the form of real life Surya Kant.

Striker is to be set in the 1980s and will movie through various socio-cultural political issues that will be displayed through the eyes of the key character. Other members of the cast that have been finalised are Chak De India girl Vidya Malvade, model Nicolette Bird and South Indian actress Padma Priya.

Siddharth who’s mother tongue is Tamil has spent a big chunk of his life in Delhi and Mumbai thus is able to comfortably and confidently speak Hindi.
Finally a final word has been given to Siddh fans! Striker goes on floors this Christmas season!

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