Siddharth Was Never in Delhi Belly

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The rumour mill is on in full mode as it churns out more and more stories about the supposed casting for Aamir Khan’s Delhi Belly.

News was released recently that Siddharth was initially approached for a lead role in the film by none other than Aamir Khan, however when he quoted a price much out of Aamir’s reach Aamir dropped the idea of casting him. Stories thus culminated that either Siddh was overestimating his star power or Aamir was underestimating his.

Putting a rest to all these chaotic accusations Aamir Khan’s production team released an official statement to the media this week declaring the following: “The film is about three guys who are roomies. The plan has always been to cast relative newcomers in the film. While Imran Khan was signed on to play one of the three roomies, we conducted several auditions for the other two. Kunal Roy Kapoor and Veer Das were ultimately zeroed in for the roles. Siddharth wasn’t supposed to be part of the film. So there shouldn’t be any bone of contention”.

Seems like yet another media created frenzy with no substantial truth at all!

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