Simone’s Career is Starting to Sing

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Simone Singh, who first caught our attention in the TV series Heena and was remarkable opposite Saif Ali Khan in Being Cyrus is increasingly being sought by Bollywood moguls.

Recently seen in Delhi Heights, she will soon be seen in the much anticipated Via Darjeeling. What’s this psychological thriller all about? “A large part of the film is a mystery story told in five different perspectives by a bunch of friends,” she explains. “Friends indulge in some story telling and that changes the story each time it is told.”

How does Simone feel about the way Bollywood is changing? “There is this new kind of cinema coming out of the Mumbai film industry complete with ensemble casts, a sensible budget giving an opportunity to experiment, and a penchant for taking risks. Given this, there is a new climate in the industry, and hence an actor is able to act in films of different genres. There are no restrictions anymore.”

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