Singh Is Kinng

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After such an incredible line-up of hits (excluding Tashan) it’s no wonder Akshay Kumar’s next flick has been hyped up through the roof. At the same time, Anees Bazmee who directed two massive hits in the past few years is at the helm of this project. But is it as great as it has been hyped up to be? Not quite. In fact, although the masses already love it, the film is actually an utter disappointment and a waste of time, to say the least…

Happy Singh (Akshay Kumar), a happy go lucky paaji from Punjab, is widely known as the village troublemaker. Though his intentions are good, he always seems to make things worse whenever he tries to help. Along with the rest of the village, the powerful Rangeela (Om Puri) develops a master plan to coax Happy into going to Australia in order to bring back Lucky Singh (Sonu Sood), a notorious gangster. But Rangeela’s plan backfires when he is forced to accompany Happy on his journey! Before they know it, they accidentally end up in Egypt where Happy becomes smitten by Sonia (Katrina Kaif). When Happy finally makes it to Australia, he discovers that Lucky Singh is paralyzed and he may have to take over the ‘throne’ and replace him. Before you know it, ‘Singh’ becomes ‘Kinng’!

There isn’t much of a plot, nor is there any substance to this film. You obviously don’t expect something deep and philosophical, but it should at least make sense right? It’s clearly aimed at the huge section of the audience that seems to enjoy this genre. Personally, I find it pathetic that Bollywood actually has a genre where the audience is expected to ‘leave their brains at home’. Many reviewers have written that this film is not for the ‘thinking’ audience. Is this implying that most of the audience does not think? Thanks!

One of Singh is Kinng’s major flaws is that there are just too many genres going on at once. Like many masala flicks, there’s romance, humour, action and more but it just doesn’t work this time around. Instead, the film starts to drag on and on and you wonder why you wasted your money to watch it. It’s unrealistic how the villains suddenly realize their faults and change. Actually, it’s just stupid. Don’t get me wrong though, the film does make you laugh here and there but most of the jokes are overdone until the point where it just gets boring.

One of the good things about this film is Pritam’s music and the picturization of the songs. If it weren’t for the lovely costumes and melodious voices, I think I may have fallen asleep (like my mother did!). Still, the songs seem kind of random and could definitely have been placed so that they flow well with the rest of the movie.

This review would be incomplete without mentioning the most important Singh himself. Akshay Kumar as Happy Singh emotes extremely well and really gets into the skin of the character. The best part is that you see Happy Singh and not Akshay which is an accomplishment in itself! However, I do feel that he needs to venture away from comedy and do something different now because by limiting himself to one genre we don’t get to see his enormous talent! He manages to put a smile on your face and does what he is supposed to do—entertain.

Katrina Kaif, as usual, is nothing special. Her character was weak and at times she seems so fake that you don’t even want to bother watching her anymore. The one good thing is that she has dubbed for herself! Still, she hardly acted and was used as a glamour prop yet again. When this film becomes a success, which it will, Katrina will be able to add another hit to her repertoire even though she barely contributed to it. Here, she does what she always does which is bat her eyelashes and look gorgeous.

Neha Dhupia was pretty much useless even though she looked pretty. Anybody could have done her role! The rest of the supporting cast all did justice to their respective roles. Although Sonu Sood was paralyzed for most of the film, he was able to express himself very well through his eyes. Kirron Kher manages to entertain throughout the film while Om Puri and Ranvir Shorey also handle their character well.

So after all that hype and anticipation, Singh is Kinng turns out to be a disappointment because of its silly plot and pointless proceedings. There are just too many flaws that you can’t ignore! Despite this, the film will most certainly be successful at the box office because Indian audiences have an acquired taste for brainless and pointless comedies. But if you were hoping for a comedy that’s actually funny for a change, I wouldn’t recommend wasting your time on this Kinng!

Our Rating

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