Slumdog Child Stars Reunited for Another Film

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Rubina Ali, Ayush Khedeker and Azharuddin Ismail of Slumdog Millionaire will be reunited in a Welsh movie about a philanthropic millionaire who helps out at a homeless shelter. Producer Nirvashoo Jithoo says, “We are so excited about this. At first, it seemed it was going to be impossible to track down the children but we knew we wanted them for this project. They are so natural and beautiful – they don’t need to be taught what to do, they are just the way they are.”

The film, Lord Owen’s Lady, is a typical rags-to-riches story where the hero falls in love with an Indian woman who helps out as a volunteer at the shelter – only to find she comes with a ready-made family, something he hadn’t bargained for! The film is promised to come with the usual Bollywood dance sequences and may be partly shot in Dubai where ‘Lord Owen’ has an apartment.

Meanwhile, Rubina’s autobiography – Slumgirl Dreaming – has proved to be a surprise Christmas hit and has so far netter the new young star more than

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