Smilie Suri threw a Christmas Party with Santa

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Smilie Suri threw a Christmas party at actor beau Shaheer Sheikh’s place. Celebs who were seen enjoying the party were Ruslaan Mumtaaz, singer Janki Parikh, model Jyoti, Shashi Bhatt and Aalekh. Also there was brother Imran Hashmi but he came late.

White and Blue with Red was the party theme and she entertained the guests with yummy steaming hot Pizza and ice cold Beer. Santa Clause also came tp the party and he gave away lots of chocolate and caps. Are they not a bit too old for Santa and all? Quips Smilie, “You can never be too old to have fun or receive gifts from Santa. Age is no bar where Santa Clause and Christmas spirit is concerned.”

Shaheer Sheikh & Smilie Suri

Alekh, Jhanvi, Shaheer, Smilie and Ruslaan Mumtaj with friends

Ruslaan Mumtaj with a friend

Ruslaan with Smilie

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