Sneak Peak: Luck By Chance

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Luck By Chance, directed by Zoya Akhtar is one the most awaited movies of 2009. The film stars Konkona Sen Sharma, Farhan Akhtar, Sanjay Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor, Juhi Chalwa, Dimple Kapadia, Isha Sharvani and Hrithik Roshan along with the some exciting guest appearance by chance!

The story by chance…

The fantasy sellers and the devoted audience, the insane love for cinema mixed with the eccentric notion of divinity and archaic beliefs; these are the contradictions that keep this world of hindi movies spinning. The stark reality of living in India juxtaposed with the fantastical world depicted on screen suddenly begins to make sense…

Sona arrives in Bombay with her dreams of becoming a film star. Wide-eyed but ambitious, she does whatever it takes, to make it. She lives on her own in a rented apartment – a luxury for most in this bustling city and spends her time with a motley crew of loyal friends whose lives are also entwined with Bollywood, each one in search of a bigger dream.

Vikram has just moved to the city, leaving the comforts of his parents’ Delhi home. He is a mover, he’s used to getting what he wants and is smart enough to know when to demand it and when to manipulate it. He’s young and handsome and full of promise. Sona begins to enjoy Vikram’s attention and affections; they develop a romantic relationship.

Rolly is a successful, though superstitious producer who only works with the biggest stars. He’s making a potential blockbuster launching the nubile Nikki Khurana, the 18-year-old daughter of the 70’s superstar, Neena. The hero of the film, Zaffar Khan, is Rolly’s favorite superstar. He was launched by Rolly and went on to become a huge draw at the box office.

The wheels of fate continue to spin favorably for Vikram, as elsewhere in the industry, havoc spreads on the sets of producer Rommy Rolly’s new film. Vikram is called in for an audition and uses this opportunity to the fullest.

The film is about a slice of Bollywood life, in which ‘kismet’ plays a huge role. Here, notions of superstition, fate and destiny underline every life, as grand desires and opportunity converge to form strange patterns.

In such an unpredictable climate is success and failure what others define for you or is it something you decide for yourself?

Luck By Chance is a contemporary tale set in a world desperate to escape its own reality.

Synopsis courtesy of Big Pictures Official Blog.

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