Sneak Peek: De Dana Dan

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Coming up on November 27th to give your funny bone a good work out is De Dana Dan. This Priyadarshan comedy brings back the funny men of Hera PheriAkshay Kumar, Suneil Shetty and Paresh Rawal, adds in the beauty of Katrina Kaif plus a multitude of characters to make up the cast of this madcap film. In fact there are so many different characters “if you blink you might just miss a link” in De Dana Dan!

Here is a sneak peek into the story:

Two broke best friends + their rich girlfriends desperate to marry them + the girls’ respective fathers desperate to marry them off elsewhere + a bankrupt businessman who’s getting his useless son engaged to every heiress in to town to pay off his debts + assorted character like a Chinese don, a hired assassin, a rich bitch, an ACB officer, a club dancer, an ambassador, a young frustrated wife, a letch, a drunken waiter, a dead body nobody wants and above all…Moolchandji – the most pampered dog in the world…enjoy their antics in De Dana Dan

Throw in a kidnapping, mistaken identities and mistaken room numbers; an assassin on the prowl, a wedding… relish the mayhem in De Dana Dan… multiple stars… multiple madness… multiple laughs… only in Dan Dana Dan… giddy with laughter!

De Dana Dan – full of masti and madness!!

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