Sneak Peek into ‘Kidnap’

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Here is a look into the action thriller Kidnap!

The Players

Sanjay Dutt: Vikrant Raina

Vikrant Raina, net worth 51.7 billion dollars. Master boardroom strategist and a man used to giving orders. Always in control, always one step ahead. What happens when that control is taken away from him? Beyond the money, the power, the status is his only child, his daughter Sonia. She has been kidnapped. And the kidnapper wants only two things, to negotiate with Raina alone and Raina’s subservience to his every whim. For the first time Raina must dance to someone else’s tune. How will this game play out? In the kidnapper’s favor or will Raina outwit him?

Imran Khan: Kabir

Kabir, a tainted past, a tortured present, what is his agenda? What links him to Vikrant Raina? A meticulously planned revenge…or is it? Is there something more sinister behind his plot than simple vengeance? Resourceful and intesnse, can he keep the headstrong Sonia bound to him while he plays cat and mouse with her beloved father? What drives him to weave such a twisted web? Are questions only he can answer…

Minissha Lamba: Sonia Raina

Sonia, defiant and headstrong, a teenager worth her salt since the battles with her mother is frequent. Since she was 10 her one wish is to see her estranged father again. Her wish is going to come true. She is kidnapped and forced to watch from afar as her father desperately tries to rescue her. Her 18th birthday is just a month away but she becomes an adult much before. As she learns more about the father she loves and the man who holds her captive, she learns to view everything not as a child but as a woman.

The Game

Vikrant Raina, net worth 51.7 billion dollars. The richest Indian in the world. One phone call and his world crashes down around him. His only child, his daughter Sonia has been kidnapped. The kidnapper will only negotiate with Raina. What is his agenda? …Is it simply to torture Raina or does he have a more sinister motive?

The kidnapper does not demand a ransom; instead he wants to play a game.

A twisted game.

The game requires Raina to be on the run and complete a series of “tasks”. He must follow the kidnapper’s every order and Raina is not a man used to taking orders. If Raina completes every task successfully his daughter lives, if he leaves even one task incomplete…

And the kidnapper is watching his every move…

What will Raina do in a world where all his money and power mean nothing? And control has been snatched away from him.

His daughter’s life hangs in the balance…

Kidnap opens in theaters on October 1st.

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