Sneak Peek of the Title Song for Always Kabhi Kabhi

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Coming on June 17th is the Shah Rukh Khan produced, Roshan Abbas directed teen romance Always Kabhi Kabhi. The film is about four teenage friends (newcomers Zoa Morani, Giselli Monteiro, Ali Fazal, Satyajeet Dubey, Satish Shah), their school – St Marks and what happens in their last year. It is a coming of age tale that is also about love and the craze of one’s first-ever crushes. It’s the period where everyone is growing up and moving on to the next level. In this competitive, confusing and sometimes cruel world, we have four characters whose destinies seem to take them on different paths.

Director Abbas said in an earlier interview, “The film is an adaptation of a play I had written and directed way back in 1999 called ‘Graffiti’ about life at high school. That play was set in ‘99 and this film is set in 2009 so it’s but obvious that I would be having some elements which the youth of today connect with one of them being social networking sites such as Facebook. However, beyond that there is no real connection. The film is set in a high school and will try to capture the various emotions such as love, jealousy, pride that one goes through during school days. I believe some of the best days of our life are the ones that we spend in high school and it is this period of one’s life that the film will portray.”

Check out this little glimpse into the title track of Always Kabhi Kabhi!

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