Sneak Peek: Saif Ali Khan & Tigmanshu Dhulia on Anupama Chopra’s show The Front Row

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bullettrajatrf3We have another cool sneak peek at the stars hitting the spotlight on Anupama Chopra’s show The Front Row! This week, Anupama Chopra sits down with Bullett Raja himself Saif Ali Khan, who is joined by director Tigmanshu Dhulia to talk about the film, which releases next week!

Check out these little excerpts to hold you over until you can see the full show on 22nd Nov at 8:30 pm on StarWorld.

Anupama: Tigmanshu, what was Saif like with the character of Raja Mishra in Bullett Raja? Personally, Saif comes across as very Westernized, extremely ‘angrez’. So how do you break that?

Tigmanshu Dhulia: It wasn’t difficult. We had discussed everything before we went to the sets.

Saif: Yaar, I’m not angrez. I have this image of being angrez because I went to an angrez school but I’m sure there’s a class or a section of Eastern people who are exposed to the West. I mean, they’re not dehaats but they’re not Western also. I am rooted. I like to eat with my hands, I like to sit cross-legged. I pray on a janamaz. So I think I’m a little bit like my father in that sense. He liked the tabla and the harmonium, he wasn’t English. But nobody’s Raja Mishra, yaar (smiles). I mean there are a few people, but not around here

Tigmanshu Dhulia: (laughs) Exactly.

Anupama: Saif, what’s it like to work with a director who also acts and acts as well as Tigmanshu Dhulia?

Saif: Well, it’s much easier because you are trying to do something that you haven’t done before, it’s all new for you, I think all directors should know how to act a little bit. Some directors, I’ve had the privilege of working with, are not such great actors.

Anupama: (referring to Vinod Chopra): You know my husband’s a real ham (smiles)

Saif: I’ve had the pleasure of working with him (smiles).

Anupama: If you’ve seen him in the scene from Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro (laughs)

Saif: But even the late Yashji (Chopra) used to sometimes stammer a tiny bit. And he said a line to me once. He said, “You just come in and you say ‘P-p-pratap has landed’”. So I came in my first take and said (stammering), “P-p-pratap has landed.” Everyone started laughing. I said, “Why are they all laughing?”. Everybody said “Idiot! What are you doing?”

(All laugh)

Anupama: Did you really do that?

Saif: Yes, it was my first shot ever in movies. That’s what happened.

Anupama: In your debut film ‘Parampara’?

Saif: Yes. I had to say, ‘Pratap has landed’. But it’s nice if you get an idea of what to do because all actors would like a fresh take. There’s a way that we would have done it but if somebody shows you, then your way of modulating lines, saying something is different and it gives us something to work with.

Anupama: I saw an interview that you and Kareena did before marriage in which you talked about making a commitment that there won’t be any kissing onscreen for either of you. Are there any other rules as actors that you’ve imposed on each other?

Saif: No. I wouldn’t even say that’s in place. I don’t think it’s a function of being in a relationship. I have done films like ‘Salaam Namaste’ a long time ago. I feel in India it is not required in our films to have kissing scenes. I don’t think it’s required to be overly sexual. It doesn’t suit us. It doesn’t work onscreen. Nobody looks comfortable doing it. And slowly, slowly reports filter through that when somebody has tried to be a little risqué, that people don’t seem to like it. I think the kind of cinema we have, we are a hypocritical culture. You can talk about things, you can see Hollywood movies, but if a kiss or a lovemaking scene is presented in a way that doesn’t make you uncomfortable, it’s much easier for everybody to watch. I really believe that and I would not like to kiss onscreen because I think it’s not required. It’s not done well enough. And there are few times onscreen that a kiss is warranted and when it is, it should be done in a way that it means everything. But our culture is about not kissing in public. We don’t show affection in public. You’re not meant to be kissing in the car. It’s illegal apparently. Policewaalas will come knock on the glass, right? So I think culturally, it doesn’t work.And there’s no need for it.

Bullett Raja also starring Sonakshi Sinha, Jimmy Shergil and Gulshan Grover hits theaters on November 29th!



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