Sneak Peek: The Stoneman Murders

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The Stoneman Murders

Releasing 13th February

What was the real story behind the serial killings that took place in Mumbai in 1983?

Why was THIS serial killer not caught when every other serial killer was apprehended?

Was there a cover up by the agencies that were investing this case?

The Stoneman Murders – The film asks some straight questions and exposes the rot in the system that allowed for the cover up of a crime of such magnitude that let the killer go scout free

Bobby Bedi, the famed producer of the internationally acclaimed Bandit Queen is back with yet another hard hitting film that makes us sit up and take notice. “When I first saw this script, I was completely taken aback by the mystery of so many murders that took place in Bombay, with not definitive arrest! Our writer had done extensive research on these serial killings. We found that there had been detailed investigations by the agencies but the killer was apparently never found. Without giving away the plot of the film I will say with conviction, that there was an enormous cover up on part of the investigating agencies. And this coverup is exactly what our film exposes” say the producer Bobby Bedi.

“Stoneman or pattharmaar, as he was known, is the only serial-killer case in India that was never solved. The identity of this killer, 25 years after he killed his last victim, remains a mystery to the world even now. The reason was that his identity and motives were probably covered up. How and why is what the movie The Stoneman Murders is all about.” – Manish Gupta, Director of The Stoneman Murders

After the serial killer aptly dubbed ‘Stoneman’ by the media has just claimed his fifth victim, the case is still of little interest to the Bombay Police force. But to suspended sub-inspector Sanjay Shelar (Kay Kay Menon), this killer poses an opportunity. Sanjay hopes to track this killer down and thus, possibly find an entry back into the police force. With the secret aid of his patronizing superior AIG Satam (Vikram Gokhale), Sanjay takes up the arduous process of tracking this killer down. But the official police investigator of the case Inspector Kedar Phadke (Arbaaz Khan) clashes incessantly with Sanjay as both of them, separately, delve deeper into the case. Even as the police jostle for leads and clues, the Stoneman stalks the streets unabated, claiming victim after victim…

Sub-inspector Sanjay Shelar (Kay Kay Menon)

Sanjay is a violent cop – reckless and ruthless and therefore now suspended from the Police force. Under the patronage of his superior AIG Satam, Sanjay is carrying out a secret unofficial investigation of the Stoneman case. This case may be Sanjay’s last chance to redeem himself and win his job back.

Sub-inspector Kedar Phadke (Arbaaz Khan)

Kedar is Sanjay’s professional rival. He is a regular Bombay cop – laidback and unconcerned. His rivalry against Sanjay often motivates him more than his sense of duty. He is the official investigator of the Stoneman case and he is unaware that Sanjay has been assigned by AIG Satam to unofficially investigate the case.

AIG Satam (Vikram Gokhale)

Crime branch veteran Satam is the superior officer-in-charge to both Sanjay and Kedar. Knowing Sanjay’s abilities, he has allowed Sanjay to carry out an unofficial investigation of the Stoneman case. On the other hand, he has appointed Kedar as the official investigator of the same case. Since he cannot let Kedar learn about Sanjay’s secret investigation, Satam often finds himself torn between the two rivals Sanjay and Kedar.

Manali (Rukhsar)

Sanjay’s wife Manali, a simple housewife, finds her relation with her husband strained due to his obsession with a mysterious case that she knows nothing about.


September 1983, Bombay shivered in dread and people were afraid to venture out of their homes, as a serial killer stalked the streets between Sion and Matunga. This killer preyed on poor homeless pavement dwellers, killing them while they slept. The killer invariably left behind his mark – a heavy stone placed near the head of each victim, sometimes the same stone had been used to crush the head of the victim. The media aptly dubbed this killer The Stoneman, who continued his spate of killings in an unabated manner, even as the police groped around in the dark. However, the killings stopped just as mysteriously as they had begun. Apparently, the killer was never caught?

Principal Crew
Writer/Director-Manish Gupta, Producer-Bobby Bedi, Director of Photography-Srikanth Naroj, Executive Producer-Gautam Talwar, Editor-Sanjib Datta, Music & Background Score-Siddhartth-Suhas, Lyrics-Kumaar/Manish Gupta, Art Director-Satish Chipkar,
Choreography-Remo, Costumes-Darshan Jalan, Sound Design-Jayesh Dhakkan
Media Consultancy-Nine Winds Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd

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