Sneha Ullal in Sandalwood

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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan lookalike Sneha Ullal has confirmed she will be involved in Upendra’s latest London Gowda. Better known for her Tollywood movies, what persuaded Muscat-born Sneha to opt for this? “I was kind of avoiding Kannada films for a while, mainly because I was busy doing Telugu films. But I liked Upendra’s script and I had the dates available for the film,” she says.

Now firmly entrenched in South cinema, does the Lucky, No Time for Love actress Sneha miss her Bollywood friends, Salman Khan in particular? “I just met him a couple of days ago. He still advises me on my work and that’s very sweet of him,” she confirms.

Sneha has one major ambition in life – to start an animal sanctuary and hospital. “I can’t tolerate cruelty to animals, birds or any living creature,” she says, “I have taken a vow to spread vegetarianism as best as I could. If I get sufficient money, I will start a hospital for the animals. I love them like I love human beings. Everybody is equal in the eyes of God.”

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