Sonakshi Sinha: “Holiday is a commercial entertainer but with a very, very Intelligent plot to it.”

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14jun_SonakshiHolidayIntrvw01The AR Murugadoss film Holiday: A Soldier Is Never Off Duty, set to release on June 6th, is a story of sleeper cell terrorist plot intrigue, Khiladi pumped up with even higher action, killer doses of drama and, it being Bollywood of course, romance. In the film, Sonakshi Sinha plays Nisha, who falls in love with Defense Intelligent Agent Akshay Kumar. One of the things that most appealed to Sonakshi is that she got to play a young urban girl, and even better, she also got to play sports in the film and from what we hear she loved it! We caught up with the actress for a very quick chat about the thriller. Even though time was short, the lovely Sonakshi gave fabulous answers in our fun and laughter filled conversation. Check out what she had to say on all things Holiday!

What was it about this film and role that made you want to do the film?
It is a remake of a Tamil film called Thuppakki, and I happened to watch it and I really liked the plot of the film and the entire package that the film was. I really liked it. I enjoyed it as an entertaining film. It had a good story. And it had a good love angle and that I guess is where I come in. I liked the role.

Finally, after a really long time, I am playing a really young urban college girl and she is girl that is close to me. In fact, as close as possible because she is into a lot of sports and part of that is boxing, she plays basketball, volleyball, tennis all of that. I do all of those things so I felt for me that this would have probably been the easiest character for me to play. (Laughs) You know I fit into it really well and that is why I felt I should be a part of this film.

14jun_SonakshiHolidayIntrvw02I think you trained a bit to do the boxing part of the film?
Yes, it was just for one scene but we wanted to get the body language to look really right. I never really boxed before so Akshay taught me a little bit about the body language. Then we did one or two sessions with Olympian Vijender Singh who just taught me the basics, how to throw a punch, do an upper cut. It was just to get that body language right, we didn’t want it to look fake or look girly (laughs) or something that is out of place. So, yeah I did a little bit. And also I guess because I have been a sports person before, like I said I used to play a lot of sports, I guess from within me it is always there so I just had to bring that part out.

Tell us about working with Akshay, it seems you guys really have a great connection together on screen.
I think we just work really well together. And this was the case right from our very first film when we started working together. When you form a good working rapport with someone I guess that translates into the magic you bring onscreen. He is a wonderful person to work with: he’s very professional, he’s punctual, and he’s always making everyone laugh on set, which is a nice atmosphere to be working around. That translates to the chemistry onscreen as well. I guess that is why people will like to see us.

14jun_SonakshiHolidayIntrvw03Then of course working with director AR Murugadoss
He is a really, really intelligent man. He was very quiet at first but then I think spending time with Akshay he became a completely different person. He was laughing out loud and cracking silly jokes. (Laughs) He was a changed man.

But I believe he is a very, very intelligent person. The way he shoots his films and the way he brings out the performances in his actors is amazing. He has something in his mind and he wants exactly that and he knows how to bring that out from his actors. I think he is a wonderful director. He is fantastic.

Do you still get nervous before a film starts?
No, I get really excited!! (Laughs) I love what I do. This is what I live for and I look forward to being on set every other day. So I guess I am always more excited than nervous.

What do you think are audiences going to love about Holiday?
I think they are going to love the fact that it is something different from what they have seen. It is a commercial entertainer but with a very, very intelligent plot to it. It is about a Soldier who is never off duty. He is on holiday but finds out about this terrorist activity that is going to go down and he finds a way to stop it. It is a really good story. I think that is what people are going to like about it.

14jun_SonakshiHolidayIntrvw04You are very active on Facebook and Twitter; what do you love about having that connection to your fans?
I think it is great! I think it is the best way to be connected to the people who actually watch your films other than just reading what is written about you in the media. I think that this is a direct connection that you have and the proper feedback is what you get from these people. I truly enjoy it. I think it is the best way to stay connected.

So, looking back so far over your career so far, what would you say?
That I am truly fortunate. I’m really blessed. I wouldn’t want it any other way. I have done really well for myself in the last four years of being in this industry. I’m a happy person. I am content with the way things have worked out for me.

You are shooting for Tevar now; can you give us any hint on that?
It is a beautiful young love story. It is actually about this boy and girl on the run and how they eventually fall in love while they are running away from the people who are after them. I am really excited for this one because the director is fantastic. The entire team is fantastic and with the way it is being shot and the way it is being directed, it is really amazing. I am really looking forward to this one.

14jun_SonakshiHolidayIntrvw07Message to your fans?
I would just like to thank them for always showing the kind of support that they have. I couldn’t have asked for more. I’m where I am today because of them.

Be sure to check out our Akshay Kumar interview too and then go see Holiday on June 6th!

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