Sonakshi Sinha stands for women’s respect on Twitter

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Sonakshi Sinha  uses the social network Twitter to connect with her fans & share her thoughts in a very straightforward way,

This time, the actress has decided to show her dissatisfaction regarding Kamaal R. Khan’s tweets and asked people to retweet her tweet if they agree with her.

This was a dig at Kamaal for writing some coarse tweets about a few actresses.

Right after seeing Sonakshi’s tweets, Kamaal decided to reply in a very ‘polite way’.

Kamaal R. Khan is an actor who was lastly seen in the movie Ek Villain. Actually,  he is mainly known for his tweets which are strange to say the least and pretty provocative. He doesn’t hesitate to denigrate some people. This isn’t the first time that someone said something about his behaviour. A couple of months ago, a complaint was filed against him for insulting an actress.

We applaud Sonakshi Sinha for standing for her colleagues and not letting those tweets be unseen just because it came from someone in the industry.

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