Sonakshi Sinha’s Nose Ring

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Sonakshi Sinha has been seen sporting her nose ring all over town as she has started promoting her debut film Dabbang. And while it seems to be becoming associated with her, she is now considering of abandoning the ring and replacing it with a simple stud. “I got my nose pierced without telling my folks around eight years ago and haven’t removed this nose ring since. I love it and think it looks super cool,” she exclaimed. To her luck, the ring worked for her character in the film and so she wore it throughout the film.

However, she is in the midst of substituting her ring with a stud all for the sake of convenience. “I am not the type to get tattoos done. But I am thinking I might sport a nose stud instead. Also it will be easier to remove it if I don’t need it for my future roles,” she explains. She is currently in basking in the success that the promo of Dabbang has received. “I showed dad the promo. His eyes were glued to the screen, and mine on him. My dad’s seen the rough cut of the film and he’s loved it and my mom’s always around to take care of me.”

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