Sonal Chauhan gets stalked

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Sonal Chauhan can take this as a compliment or a threat, but as her popularity increases so also the baggage that comes with it. In Jannat Emraan Hashmi’s character nearly stalked her till she fell in love with him. This probably inspired a fan in Chandigarh last week.

There on a shoot for her upcoming film titled Punjab 69 and many fans were hanging around near the shoot location, as is normal when shoots happen outdoors. Post shoot while the heroine was packing up some fans pushed past security and insisted on meeting Sonal. Sonal obliged and met them. One particular boy constantly seemed to be pushing his way towards her. Eventually he asked for an autograph and when Sonal asked for his book he took his palm out for it. Sonal, not comfortable with this, refused to sign and went back to the hotel.

Little did she realize that this was just the beginning! At the hotel entrance Sonal found the same boy waiting for her. While entering the hotel she was again stopped by the pushy fan with his hand stretched out. Sonal alerted security and left immediately. The security guards spoke to the fan and realized that not only did he know Sonal’s shoot location and hotel, he also knew her exact room number, her schedule, her other locations and even her flight number!

Taking this information seriously and avoiding potential trouble the production decided to shift Sonal to another hotel. So 2 am that same night Sonal Chauhan was shifted to a new location along with 4 extra bodyguards and aside from the key people at the shoot no one else was privy to her whereabouts.

Sonal is supposed to finish the patch up work in Chandigarh for the film which is being directed by Owais Hussain (son of painter M F Hussain) within two days. Soon she will be back in Mumbai…safe and sound.

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