Sonal Chauhan’s Hidden Talents

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Former Miss World Tourism, Sonal Chauhan admits that she rarely cooks. Recently, however, she was let down when she had friends around for dinner and the restaurant she’d booked to deliver the food failed to show up. Suddenly faced with a situation, she beelined for the kitchen and threw together some pasta and a risotto, which her guests apparently loved. To her surprise, she then discovered that she loved doing it. “After that day I realized the importance of knowing how to cook so I am planning to take up some cooking lessons from none other than my mom,” she says, “She makes some fabulous dishes.”

Cooking is not Sonal’s only hidden talent, however. She also admitted that she has taken to writing in a big way and is enjoying it too. “Recently, at my sister’s urging I have started to write a diary,” she confesses, “It’s fun. I enjoy writing in it. It’s like exploring a new side of yourself.”

A bit of a fashionista herself, Sonal was pleased to be the brand ambassador for the launch of the new Giorgio Armani mobile phone in India. The sleek golden phone, developed in conjunction with Samsung, is intended to be the ultimate fashion accessory for men. She also recently attended a fashion show with former Miss World Diana Hayden in order to raise funds for Cancer Awareness and Prevention.

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